Market Assessment

Payment reform has found its place in the national conversation on controlling health care costs. But little attention has been paid to the significant impact that local market dynamics have on attempts to improve the value of health care in disparate communities.

Catalyst for Payment Reform pioneered a publicly-available Market Assessment Tool (MAT) to provide all health care stakeholders with a systematic way to evaluate a local market and determine which payment reforms would have the best ability to improve value.

CPR has also produced a report—Matching Payment Reform to Local Markets: Using A Market Assessment Tool—to describe how the MAT was created, explain how it works, and offer examples of how it was used to examine markets in Minneapolis-St. Paul and San Diego.

Access the reports and a Health Affairs blog posting on the project here:
Matching Payment Reform to Local Markets: Using a Market Assessment Tool

Market Assessment Tool: User Guide

Health Affairs blog on Tailoring Payment Reforms to Local Market Dynamics
If you are interested in conducting an assessment in your local market, contact Roz Murray at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..