Better Marketplace

Why Does CPR Focus on Improving the Health Care Marketplace?

Employers and other health care purchasers can try to do everything right–from reforming how they pay health care providers to educating their populations about the need to make informed health care decisions–but it will be hard to succeed if the building blocks are missing and the environment is unresponsive.  Transparency around the quality and price of health care is critical for consumers and purchasers to be able to identify high value choices.  It is also a critical ingredient, among others, for ensuring adequate competition among rapidly consolidating health care providers.  CPR’s research and tools in these areas helps purchasers to push the market to create better value.

Price Transparency: Learn about the lack of price and quality information and what purchasers can do.

Market Assessment: Discover why health care reform efforts must be tailored to local markets.

Market Power: Understand how provider consolidation is shaping our health care system.